Blue Sky Tag #1 by Asyikin

Terima kasih la kepada Miss A sebab sudi tag natrah .. ada juga entry blog ni, hehe .. maaflah sebab rojak sikit bahasa dalam entry ni :D , here's the answer ..

1. What are the things you love the most ?
I love all sort of thing in this universe, but if i saw CAT i'll become super duper happy and excited ~

2. What are the things you hate most ? 
Banyak sebenarnya ~~(*cerewetkan) tapi yang tengah dialami sekarang is schedule class bertindih, kerja tertangguh berlambak, group member tak sekepala dan LUPA ..

3. If you are want to surfing internet with your smartphone, what is the app you open first ?
Facebook .. usually WhatsApp tapi ada masalah sebab phone loaded dengan chat yang berlumba-lumba masuk*even satu cerita pun xda pasal kita , so selalu 'hang'..

4. List down your favourite songs (5 songs only) :D
alaa ~ kenapa 5 jak T_T, banyak dalam playlist ni . heee . . currently semua KPOP song :D
1. BTS - Just One Day*forever be my fav
2. BTOB - Stand by me
3. ASTRO - Breathless
4. NCT DREAM - Dunk Shot
5. BTOB - You live well

5. If someone hate you, what will you do ?
Just ignore them ^_^

6. If you have a big problem that bothering your day, what will you do ?
Sleep *this is the best solution :D

7. What is your dream ?
Graduate with a degree, make own company, travel anywhere .. sangat banyak, takut mengarut pula jadinya ~ XoXo

8. Do you want to be a popular person ? Yes Or No ? Give a reason
No. Because it's quite dangerous and doesn't have much privacy ..

9. What are the idols you want to meet to ( list 5 idols only )
Actually ada sebenarnya tapi tak tefikir pula untuk masa sekarang -_- 

10. Which country in this world you want to visit ?
Malaysia :D .. even negara sendiri pun tak round lagi ..

11. What will you do and felt, when someone you love was back-up (defend) someone which is fighting with you ? 
Firstly memang siasat la dulu, then bila ada something wrong terus cari lain .. hee

lastly, thanks again sudi tag :)


  1. me to want to travel malaysia. hihi.. tapi kalau ada org nak sponsor pi oversea, okay aje.. hahaha

  2. Oh rupanya peminat BTS :D :D

  3. No 6 tu macam...

    Ah tidur jak lah hahaha

  4. hai natrah.. no 6 kita geng