Friday, November 25, 2016

Hyee ma fellas ~ ~ ~  

currently, i'm so addicted to K-pop group called BtoB ~~  ...

addict with their voice, funny stuff and all about them .. I'm so into K-pop again after try to leave .. not leave actually, just take a rest because want to focus on study(not also actually) .. haha xdxd , really love their voice and talent(can't describe how much I fall with them ).

one of my fav members is Lee Chang Sub  (feeling shy when I wrote this, LOL xd) .. my ideal type which is like him, all about him I like .. sometimes he can be funny, gentleman and horrible .. and he's not normal .. there's too many laaa ~~~ it doesn't mean the other member I didn't like, for sure I like and love all of them too  ~ .. 


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